A goals driven agency

“We are a goals driven advertising agency. At the bedrock of our philosophy lay the worlds of sports and technology with their unmatched thrust towards victory and improvement. With our clients we form teams because only through cooperation and coordination success can be achieved.”

Michal Gasior, Managing Partner

Our Philosophy

We are über technological. We are not affraid of novelties. On the contrary, we can’t wait for them, we anticipate them. We are on a constant search for creative and effective solutions technology can deliver. We consider ourselves technology tamers.

Winning Mindset

Since our youth we led different teams to victories – in school, on the field and on the court. FC Mannschaft is an amalgamation of our biggest loves: technology, sports and advertising. Today, some twenty years later, we seek to form winning teams with our clients.

Global Expertise

Members of our team worked on campaigns all over the world: from the United States to Australia, from South Africa to Hong Kong, from Singapore through Dubai, Doha and Riyad to Warsaw. Our know-how knows no boundaries.

 “Our philosophy is a gamechanger in the industry. Not only it sounds good but it works. It guarantess the highest possible quality of our work. The way we think and execute is unique and there is so much to love about it. We have enormous global experience, we believe in gamification and we seek partnership with clients. We are a winning team, a true Mannschaft.”

Kuba Pedziwiatr, CEO

Our Services

Selected clients we did awesomeness for


Decentralised Creation

We implement a fully developed rivalry and gamification within our creative department. We don’t assign teams to clients – whoever’s idea or strategy wins, gets to work closely with the client. We are the world’s first agency who does this not only to increase productivity and creativity through rivalry but also to reward the best performing teams due to our inner league every creative team participates in. All this, needless to say, is for our clients’ good so they always receive the best ideas possible.

Creativity Without Borders

Thanks to our startup-like approach and business model, we work with freelancers all over the globe. Those people are trusted members of our team and they all have authored iconic campaigns in the places of their origin. Our creativity knows no boundaries. We can work wherever our services are needed. We also like to provide strategic and creative directions from different regions at the same time to fully showcase the scope of our capabilities and the diversities of thinking we cultivate inside our agency.


We are über technological. We really are. From augmented and virtual reality through gesture navigation, lasers, 3D/4D mapping, beacons aka proximity marketing and tangible tables to mobile games and applications – we do those things on all 6 continents (no point in arguing there are in fact seven). All of the above, however, have a common denominator – human. Everything we do has human in mind because we want to live in a better (technological-wise) and more beautiful (aesthetically) world.

Partnership & Sincerity

We have all the time, resources and know-how in the world. Even though we reject offers from time to time because we want to be our clients’ partners, not laborers. We are brutally honest and we have no trouble saying what we really think. Not for the sake of some artificial ego but for our clients’ benefit. Telling a client his idea sucks might make some enemies unless we really think there are way better options to explore that in the end will generate better results. This is what a teammate would do, isn’t it?


Virtual Reality POS

September 16, 2016


Timberland’s Virtual Fitting Room

September 16, 2016


Jack Daniel’s #TOASTJACK

September 16, 2016


Toyota Mirai X-Ray

September 13, 2016

Technology & Innovations

Our inner software house is one of the best in the world. We conceptualize, create and execute things, others wouldn’t even dream of from interactive events through virtual and augmented reality to mobile apps and games. Buzzwords: mobile apps, desktop apps, mobile games, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), events, livestreaming, beacons, hand gestures, laser, 3D & 4D mapping, proximity marketing, tangible tables.

Social Media & Communication

We are expert communicators who have been working for huge corporations, small business and startup and for whom we won numerous awards, We know that in the term social media marketing the most important one is the last one – marketing. Buzzwords: content marketing, community management, bloggers relations, blog campaign, native ads, media relations, ePR, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.

Strategy & Commerce

We advise on how to make a successful campaign, how to best use a given budget and where to spend it, how to create a strong and distinct brand and what marketing tools to use. Finally we advise on how to make a good e-commerce and how to increase its sales both on- and offline. Buzzwords: retail, branding, e-commerce, product design (UX/UI), packaging, growth hacking, sales, brand strategy, product launch, commerce, media.

Digital Performance Media

In our opinion marketing should be measurable. That’s why we focus on achieving results – hence our claim Goals Driven Agency. We are analytical in approach and we want our campaigns to be describable with performance and efficiency. Buzzwords: SEO, SEM, social media analytics, metrics, performance, remarketing, media, social ads, email marketing, SMS marketing, targeting, Facebook Ads, measurable.

Creative & Design

We use rivalry within the agency– gamification – to motivate our creatives and to deliver our clients the best possible solutions art- and creative-wise . For every pitch won or a concept approved our teams teams get points and incentives. We also have unlimited creative resources on all continents. Buzzwords: human-centered design, breakthrough campaigns, integrated, digital, holistic, copywriting, brand design, full service, 360 degrees.

Photo & Video Production

We own a professional production house. We shoot videos and ads for multiple channels and devices: TV, YouTube, web, mobile and more. We also have a legion of talented and experienced photographers and cameramen who can provide breathtaking pictures everywhere in the world. Buzzwords: BTL, ATL, video, content marketing, production house, TV spot, TV ad, YouTube video, interactive video.

“Augmented reality is going to be integrated into everything we do over the next five to 10 years.”

– Amber Standley, Creative Director and Augmented Reality Consultant at APositive Pty Ltd

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